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1. Elastic spandex fiber has great elasticity, and can be stretched to 4 to 7 times the original length under normal circumstances. The recovery rate is almost 100% under 2 times stretching, and the rebound rate is when the elongation spans 500%. 95 to 99%, which is beyond the reach of other fibers. In general, in the molecular structure of spandex fibers, the greater the molecular weight of the soft segment, the stronger the elasticity and rebound rate of the fiber, the higher elasticity and rebound rate of the polyether spandex than the Polyester Spandex, and the chemically crosslinked spandex. The rebound ability is better than physical cross-linking
2. Strength spandex fiber breaking strength, wet state is 0.35 ~ 0.88CN/dtex, dry state is 0.44 ~ 0.88 CN/dtex, is 3 to 5 times of the rubber thread. The effective strength can reach 5.28 CN/dtex.
3. Elastic Modulus The elastic modulus is a measure of the ability of an object to resist deformation under the influence of external forces. The greater the modulus of elasticity, the less easily the fibers are deformed, and the higher the strength but the less flexible. Spandex's elastic modulus is small, such as Lycra is only 0.11 CN/dtex, good flexibility.
4. The heat resistance of different types of spandex varies greatly, most of the fibers will not be damaged when stored at 95-150°C for a short time. At temperatures above 150°C, the fibers turned yellow, sticky, and decreased in strength. Because spandex is generally present in fabrics under other fiber coatings, it can withstand higher heat setting temperatures (180°C to 190°C), but the time is shorter.
5. The specific gravity of spandex is 1.00 to 1.25 g/cm3. There are differences in the proportions of different brands of spandex, and the thickness of the spandex of the same denier also varies.
6. Chemical-resistant spandex is resistant to most acids, bases, and chemical solvents and bears a variety of acids and bases. Polyester spandex will decompose in hot alkali, bleaching agents such as sodium hypochlorite will make it yellow, and strength drops.

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